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“Simplicity is the hardest thing in the world” Vico Magistretti, designer.

Looking for simple and clean shapes, without frills, focus on function and utility led to the creation of some of the products that best represent design in the world. Travelling is a state of mind. Dot-Drops is designed for curious and exquisite travellers. They are nomads travelling across continents or working in an office with an open window on the world, who are looking only for the best.




The love of craftsmanship is the basis for the continuous evolution of the brand, we are always striving to combine a tailored production and the selection of the best materials.


Our DNA has as its source the Pirelli rubber tile used massively for airport, train station, subway flooring. A design timeless with an everlasting recognition.


A design led by the «DOT obsession», one design but unlimited feelings and perceptions.


A french design with one purpose “Less is more”.


On est en route